Monday, 2 October 2017


For those who are using NCE Power Cab systems and want to expand their track and power capacity, you can add Cab Bus Fascia Panels, enabling you to move along with your trains and engines as they proceed around the layout.   They're quite simple to install and use and are very reasonably priced.

Model #UTP 052400207 is just $24.95 in Canadian funds to Canadian addresses.  $24.95 USD to American addresses.


These axle wipers are designed to be mounted on freight trucks to help maintain electrical continuity to onboard lighting or for track powered DCC decoders.  Two types are available at the same low price of $12.95.  Will ship at reasonable postal rates.



A decoder tester is an essential tool to have on your DCC work bench.  It's always a good idea to test every decoder BEFORE you spend a lot of time installing it, only to find that you have to start troubleshooting it.  This one comes with LEDs to indicate what's working and what's not in your decoders.  You can add an HO DC12Volt motor with a flywheel so that you can visually confirm the efficiency of the slow speed function of the decoder. It's designed to test 9-pin and 8 pin decoders.  By adding an adapter, you can also test 21 pin decoders, although with understandable limitations.   If you you use mostly 21 pin decoders, it will be worthwhile for you to purchase a more sophisticated decoder tester that's designed to test the latest decoders.  ESU and TCS both manufacture and sell very good decoder testers.


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